Business First

We pride ourselves on focusing on Business-Class Solutions. Our clients range from Accounting to Legal firms, to Non-Profit, Manufacturing and Agricultural businesses. Terrence J. Lemke has been providing quality Business Class Computing Systems, Services, and Support to the Fond du Lac area for over
30 years. 
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Our Products

Our custom and pre-built Servers and Systems feature Intel chipsets and processors.  Our light and feature-rich Notebook Systems can be customized to each customer’s needs.  Our networking products, including Fortigate firewalls, Wireless Access Points, and controllers & switches are designed to meet the needs of our small business and non-profit clients.
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Our Services

Lemke Consulting offers a wide-range of Network & PC Solutions for Business, including Windows-based Server Installation & Configuration and Virtual Server/System Installation (featuring Hyper-V virtual servers), as well as General Network Consulting Services and Network Project Management.
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